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How we Flourish

Like those who in 1850 first established a Church of England school in Newington, we continue to look for the flourishing of children, adults and our community.

Flourishing has been described as not an individual pursuit but a collective endeavour.


  • Through the creation of stable social relationships.

Where everyone looks to support and encourage each other with kindness, knowing we are all on a learning journey with our own strengths, gifts and weaknesses.

  • Through a focus on Wellbeing – physical and mental.

Where good health, both physical and mental, is valued so that everyone will be equipped to embrace life in all its fullness.

  • Through a curriculum that has meaning and purpose.

Where experiential and creative learning opportunities help everyone realise God-given gifts.

  • Through living our values

Where everyone is made to feel welcome.

Forgiveness is encouraged.

Opportunities are offered for courageous advocacy and the development of a generous heart.

All are empowered to step through doors to flourish in life.


  • Through happiness and life satisfaction.

Where self-worth is instilled in all opportunities and time for reflection encouraged.