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Christian Vision

Realising the God-given potential in everyone

Welcoming, Forgiving, Generous, Flourishing

Our Vision

Newington Church of England Primary School supports our whole village community by providing rich and creative learning opportunities so people may realise the God-Given gifts within them, encouraging kindness, forgiveness and a generous heart.

We instill self-worth and values through love, support and experiential learning so that everyone will be equipped to embrace life in all its fullness.

As a welcoming school we firmly believe in working in partnership with our families to ensure all children have a window to the world. Like Jesus and Nathanael, everyone at Newington CEP will have time to reflect on their experiences and be empowered to step through doors so they flourish in life.


Our Story – rooted in John 1: 43 – 51

When Jesus was choosing his disciples he welcomed a group of ordinary people, from ordinary places. They were from small villages, perhaps like Newington, not the obvious large cities. They were humble people with humble professions; not the elite. They were people capable of extraordinary things and they had the potential to flourish and change the world. Our school welcomes and supports everyone, staff, pupils and visitors with kindness.

This was true for Nathanael. Jesus saw qualities in him that even Nathanael did not realise would have the potential they did.

Nathanael was asked to ‘Come and See’ and, if he chose to be open, willing and engage, then he would be amazed at the wonders life would hold, we too believe it is important to instil self-worth and value in adults and children.

As a school we see potential in everyone. While encouraging kindness and a generous heart it is our responsibility to develop the unique and special qualities we all possess so that we may all continue our journey and be equipped to change the world for the common good. And while we understand that our journeys will lead us in many different directions - some around the globe, some within the village - we all have the potential to make a positive difference to the lives of those who we encounter.

During the journey of experiential learning, the disciples learned to forgive, failed at times, and shared great success at others, but all of this was part of enabling them to flourish through life.

We are Newington CEP School. Come and see – you haven’t seen anything yet!